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Neighborhood Watch: Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

The Beverly Beach Neighborhood Watch Program (BBNWP)is an organized group of neighbors who agree that community awareness and open communication among our residents are essential to ensuring the security of our homes and the safety of our families.


Through our partnership with the Anne Arundel County Police Department, we strive to heighten our community’s power of observation, encourage pro-active efforts, share ideas for crime prevention, and encourage our neighbors to know, and look out for, each other.

The BBNWP was established in September 2013. The group was initially formed when a Beverly Beach home was broken into and concerned residents rallied in support of the family. This group came into being as a way for a neighbors to look out for each other’s well-being.

Since September 2013, The BBNWP has grown from 5 members to 105 members, and more continue to join every day. The group has a presence on Facebook and an email address, where neighbors can ask questions, share ideas, and keep each other aware of what is going on. With the simple goal of increasing communication between neighbors and heightened awareness of our surroundings, the BBNWP has already proven to have a positive effect within the community.

Our success in preventing crime depends on residents who care about their community. We do not go out on patrol – patrols and investigations are best left to the professionals in the police department. The BBNWP simply encourages neighbors to know and look out for each other. Sometimes this means checking on an elderly neighbor during a storm, or calling the police when something doesn’t seem quite right.

For emergencies, or to report suspicious activities, don’t hesitate to call 911.

If You See Something – Say something!

Everyone in the community can participate, at whatever degree they desire.

The more neighbors who get involved, the safer our neighborhood will be. For more information,


or call

Mike Mattia, 443-570-4735.


A shining example of the positive effect of our BBNWP it the Vacant House Project. The Anne Arundel County Police Department has called our program “highly effective” and “innovative,” and hopes to expand this program to other communities throughout the county.

The Vacant House Project partners with the BBNWP and the AA County Police to keep an eye on unused homes. With written consent from property owners, vacation homes and houses that are up for sale, abandoned or otherwise unoccupied may be subjected to random inspection by police officers. Inspectors look for possible break-ins, property theft, squatters, storm damage or other issues and report their findings to the property owners. Since inspections began in the Spring of 2014, few new issues have been found at vacant homes in Beverly Beach.

To register your empty house with the Beverly Beach Vacant House Project,

you can request a consent form at

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